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Collection Update and Quick Sales~

Collection Update at last!

I can't really believe it's been almost a year since I've joined, and here's a milestone in my collecting!
This is my collection from about when I first joined...


BUT NOW-! Take a look at the mark of accomplishment!

[Big Picture Ahoy!]

Ignoring the bottom shelves! And the face planting glaceon! xD I can't believe I've managed to come this far :) Staring at this just gives me the smiles! Too bad I can't behold it often due to boarding school.

Right now, I am mainly hoping to focus more on my Pikachu, Mudkip, and Leafeon collections! There's still a bunch of things I don't yet have, so feel free to shoot me offers on anything you might have of these three!

And I still have many parcels on the way. Next time, the fourth shelf shalt be filled too! Till then~

So to further expand my collection I'm in need of a little extra cash this month. Some small sales below, please take a look :)
Sales permission granted by allinia on 15/3/2013
Link to my community feedback:


[To sales~]


All community rules apply.

1) I ship internationally from Singapore. I try my best to have them out within a week, but there are times where I do take longer!
2) Prices do not include shipping or fees. Payment by Paypal in USD.
3) I am not responsible for shipped items without tracking (additional $2). Default shipping is by international airmail. Packages above $50 have compulsory tracking. Please tell me if you have any special preferences!
4) I'm open to haggling and trades/partial trades! If you have anything I may be interested in just post a link and I'll have a look.
5) I do holds too if you'd like.


Dent Partners Figure: $25

N Partners Figures: $25 each

All these do not come with hang tags and are all OBO
Buneary Hand Puppet Plush (not sure about it's origin, sorry! Great condition) - $10
Mudkip Pokedoll (loved, tush tag only, velboa) - $10
Glameow Pokedoll (minky, tush tag only, excellent condition) - $18

Pokemon Chocoball Figures - Duskull, Rayquaza, Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile, Kyogre, Wobbuffet, Volbeat, Lotad - taking offers from $4 ea! Comes with original box and paper insert.

Magnets - Zangoose, Seviper, Treeko, Rayquaza, Deoxys - taking offers from $2 ea!

Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus Zukan Line - $10
BW Ver. Rayquaza Zukan - $18

Seviper Chess Piece - $5
Elesa Pokemon Mate Keychain Figure - $15
Zekrom Strap - $2
Victini Strap - $2

Suction Cup Figures
Celebi, Ho-Oh, Corphish, Heracross, Cubone, Pelipper - Offers from $5 ea!
Luvdisk, Masterball, Deoxys, Pinsir, Dugtrio, Glalie, Cacnea - Offers from $2 ea!

Doujin Trainer Tin Badges - About 2 - 2.5in
Pic 1: Sabrina, Skyla, Caitlin, Bianca, Erika, Elesa
Pic 2: Jasmine, Cynthia, Roxie, Female Protagonist (BW2) Rosa/ Mei, (BW) Hilda/ Touko, Misty
Pic 3: Gardenia, Whitney, Claire
$4 each

New Years Mini Pokedoll Mascot Plushes
Jirachi - $12
Manaphy - $9

Shinx Super DX UFO Catcher Plush - $32

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Meowth Plush - $22

Lucario Super DX UFO Catcher Plush - $30

Please offer for items in the offer thread below, and reply offers for the same item! Offers close anytime in a week, or if there are no new offers in a few days!

Thank you for your time! :)

Tags: blaziken, cubone, glameow, heracross, ho-oh, jirachi, pelipper, rayquaza, sales, sceptile, swampert
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