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September customs plush

Hello community!
I'll be taking some plush slots for this month, my goal is to get funds for all the amazing X/Y merch coming out *O*

Remember it's straight slot/commission sale, no auctions or anything like that.
You want it, I make it <3

Some of my latest works for comm members:

And the full price list with examples is after the cut :D
I will be taking 3-4 slots for now, and see if I can finish before october starts!

I accept only Paypal.
I ship from Argentina.
Everything comes from a smoke free, cat friendly enviroment (don't purchase if you're allergic to cats please).
Shipping starts at $5 for flat, and $8 for certified (magnets/charms/minis).
I highly recommend to pay for certified mail, Im not responsible for lost/damaged mail.
Sales permission granted on 05/08/11 by dakajojo.
Feedback here.

Here's the price list:

Poke/Non Poke Nyan Magnets (3-4") $20

Petite Charms (can be non pokemon) $20

Mini Plushies (4") $15
(+5 if the design is complicated, I won't make clothes for this size)

Small Plush (6") $30
(+15 if the design is complicated or/and includes clothes)

Experimental Small Plush (6") $50
(+10 if the design is complicated/has many markings details. Won't do clothes)
These will be more 3d-ish, but like the name says it's experimental

Medium Plush (11") $50
(+20 if the design is complicated or/and includes clothes)

Large Plush (18") $100
(+30 if the design is complicated or/and includes clothes)

You can see my full gallery at DeviantArt or FurAffinity
If you have any inquiry, please ask! I'll be around :3
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