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Small Update + Umbreon Chupa For Sale

Hey all :) Just poking in, I do still collect sometimes! I recently was able to get one of the new 1/1 Eevee's (Yay for Sunyshore! <3 ) along with the Umbreon Pokedoll Figure! Is this figure just not amazing? I had secretly hoped for a pokedoll figure to come out, and I am just so happy it is :D

 photo aff7fea2-2322-42e5-ab9a-7a0819d6132c_zps691f8a31.jpg

Also, I have for sale the first Umbreon Chupa, one of the coolest figures of Umbreon to date! He's perfectly mint~

 photo 1ec6a4e1-d8c2-4809-a1ca-0195ef1c624f_zps98c0e34a.jpg

I'm asking 50 + shipping. It's 3.50 in the US, and 5.00 for international! I ship from the US.

Thanks :D I've got a couple more goodies coming and I can't waiiiit to show them off when they are here.

Oh yes~ sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2008!
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