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Does this mean the start to regular gets posts by me?!
Probably not, I'm pretty scatterbrained.


Woo! A recent get in a trade with lapopearmadillo!
Thank you <3

Woo stickers! I've collected Machop for years and yet these are my first Pan stickers of the line. I'm... not sure how I did that.
I also have a soft spot for Hitmontop and Medicham.

And then there's this guy. He was the last MPC I needed for my collection, my goal was to get all the final evos of fighting-types in MPC form. Of course... I grabbed Mienfoo anyway because weasels, and Timburr and Gurdurr are parts of more main collections... which really just means I don't have Scraggy or Pignite. Maybe at a later time, which will be pushed even farther back depending on what else they turn into MPC!

Untitled-3 copy
Here is all of them! It was easier to do this way, considering the deer are suspending from my ceiling (and Terrakion uses an extra loop due to being butt-heavy).

Yeah. I'm a sucker for pre-order bonuses, I admit. I've been disappointed the past two game releases due to lack of nice pre-order goodies, so I snagged these guys just yesterday.

They hang out with my other Pokemon pin and some misc items on the back of my desk (I think the cork board was supposed to be used for things like notes, but... pffft...)

Speaking of pre-order goodies, I have these guys as well! Pikachu wasn't a pre-order, but it was cheap in a GA, and I'm a sucker for sound drops.

Also have a sales plug. Woo.

I do have a couple of wants.
I am after a Scrafty and an Emboar kid. Preferably in good condition, box and sticker not necessary. I also don't want to pay more than $4 for either one.
Tags: collection, croagunk, gen6, mpc, sales, scrafty
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