renafan2004 (renafan2004) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Get excited, PKMN Collectors! Just checked out Toys R Us!


Hey guys! Yesterday was my birthday.^_^_^_^ I've saved $230 for X and Y merch! Think that'll be enough for a life-sized Fennekin, Xerneas, and Pokemon X?o.o Anyway...up above is a previous shot of my collection. I'm waiting until X and Y come out to streamline my Pokemon collection. I've set up my Keldeo shrine and I can't wait to post a piccie. To the topic at hand, I just went into my local Toys R Us tonight and noticed they moved the dinky little Pokemon section they had two aisles down and put it smack dab into a new more DOUBLE SIZED Pokemon section with appropriate "Pokemon" logo with Pikachu next to it and a new Tomy display featuring all the current B and W figures. I checked out the price tags and they had "X and Y" next to some of em'...even the 18" plushies!XD Pokemon is coming back. Check your Toys R Us out and see if they've moved their displays around. :)
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