bluehyaku (bluehyaku) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some Plamo kits

I'm here with a fairly simple request. I'm looking to buy some Pokemon Plamo kits. They can be new/opened/missing the box as long as the parts to the Pokemon are all there and attached to the large mold. Budget-wise I would prefer to not spend too much on them (as little as possible since I want to get a good variety) and I'm not going to be too picky about what Pokemon it is. There are a few colors I would like to get just because of my plans for them.

If possible I'd like to get a red/orange/yellow Pokemon, a white/off-white Pokemon, and a blue/green Pokemon.

I have a really cool idea for these but if things don't work out I don't want to be out too much money so I'm asking on the comm instead of going to online shops.

If you have a plamo kit laying around please let me know which Pokemon it is and the price. Thanks.:)
Tags: wanted
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