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A whale of a get and a buggy sale!

So a very tiny package came from Hong Kong the other day.. And when I opened it, my heart stopped. 20130917_135501A custom shiny Wailord audio jack charm made by poliwhirl! *scream* Even though my main collection is Fire-types, I've always had such a soft spot for the whales. It now proudly resides atop my Galaxy S3!

I bought a couple of packs today from the card shop for fun and ended up pulling these two. Since my deck is mainly Water-based (Keldeo Blastoise), I'm selling these as a set for $22 + shipping.20130918_221942

- For shipping, please specify a bubble mailer or an envelope.
- Sales permission received 3/15/2013 by allinia
- Feedback Link:

- I ship from IN, USA to worldwide. Please ask shipping quotes beforehand if you live overseas.
-Paypal only, USD.
- Totals will include: Item Price + PP fees + Shipping.
- I will hold an order for 24 hours, after which the next person inquiring about said item will receive priority. If a longer period of hold is needed, CONTACT ME! (I don't bite, promise!)
- I will ship once payment has been cleared and will let you know when I have shipped your order.
- Once your order has left my hands, I am no longer responsible if the post loses it.
Tags: genesect, wailord
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