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Two finished plush and a really awesome shirt find.

I was going to wait and post these with a collection update once I get a box frompheonixxfoxx, but I decided not to wait and post them now.


The houndoom is a commision for robocoon of her character Tindalos. Techno, I tried to make him a little "90 degree angle" shirt, but it didn't want to sew together right, so I eventually got frustrated and scrapped that idea. XD

The Manectric I made for myself, of the Manectric from my diamond game. His name is Panic. Hence his facial expression. :D

Lastly, my mom found the coolest shirt ever on ebay and won the acution for me. My mom is awesome. 8D
(don't mind how crappy this picture is. My hair is up and it looks like shit. XD)

I left this on top of the mail for my mom before I left for a friend's house earlier:

I don't particularly like the triangle at the bottom that's supposed to look like a split, but whatever. It's Team Rocket, so I don't care.

Alternately, does anyone have any idea where this shirt was sold? It's official and had tags, but I've never seen it before online or off. I'm curious as to where it came from because I know a friend who wants one.

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