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Collection Update and Japan Pics!

Time for some photos! Massive updates to my metal keychain collection thanks to the Swinging on a Star GA, a super cute and fuzzy addition to my plush collection, and some glimpses into my trip to Japan!

♥ They're so pretty and shiny!

I don't like these sparkly ones so much, but meh, I'll hold onto them for now.

The amazing laying Pikachu plush!! Hands down the best Pikachu ever. I got him on Y!J after wanting one for forever. Everyone loves him. ♥

Tee hee

And Japan! Was amazing. Great experience, and I got to see so many cool things. I'll share a few Pokemon-related pics from the trip.

Osaka Pokemon Center. It was packed!

UFO catchers! I may have been addicted to these.

I sat on the floor in this shop in Nakano Broadway and sorted through figures for like 30 minutes. The shop keeper was nice and gave me a second bin to use for sorting.

Awesome Gengar from a UFO catcher! Here he is posing amongst Gin's Raichus.

More UFO hauls.

My spoils from the Osaka center!!

The only Pokemon Gashapon I got - got the one I wanted on the first try!

This Eevee bag was awesome. It became my purse while I was there.

Packed! Ya know. Except my clothes.

Thanks for viewing! All sales itema should ship out tomorrow. :)



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