Lucinda Connelly (theevilpotato) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lucinda Connelly

Long time no post - sales & auctions

Taken a hiatus from the community so hello all it's been a while! I'm not going to be around very much since it's my final year of university but I have some sales & auctions to fund the never ending London design museum trips ^^

I lack in the banners department. Elekid pokedoll isn't included sorry!

RULES/INFO*** Please read before commenting
*I was granted sales permission around maybe 3 years ago by dakadojo?... I really can't remember :(
*My feedack is here though
*Shipping is from the UK, please keep this in mind before asking for a quote but I will happily ship international!
*I can ship weekdays only! (Sorry I work weekends)
*I only have very few wants for trades (so unless you have a large giratina tomy plush or rare minun/plusle items ;-; sorry!)

Pikachu huge cushion plush (never removed from packaging) - $60

Pikachu/pichu - $40

Espeon DX - $25

Sylveon - $25

Chikorita pokedoll, velboa (hand tag has a slight crease) - $22

Rotom - $25

Vaporeon - $20

Jirachi mini pokedoll- $9

Meowth - $14

Pikachu charm set - $14

Lugia pokedoll (minky but loved, tush tag only) -$12

Pokemon tin -$7

Espeon kid -$4

Random kids/figures - $1

Piplup NFC wii u figure - $6

Auctions -  didn't know how to price them so up for a quick auction

- Auction ends in 3 days. Sunday 22nd at 8pm UK time.

Sphinx minky, tag detached. starts at $20

- Spheal metal charm, starts at $5

Offers - bootleg plush, please just make an offer! ^^

DX size ampharos

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