Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Get and an art request!

Hello all! I want to show off my lastest get, my first ever custom, and pertaining to this, an art request!

photo (25)
photo (26)
photo (27)
Flaaffy is from the amazing d215lab on deviantart! =D I've never gotten a custom before because I am so picky, but when I saw their stuff I had to finally get my flaaffy! And this brings me to my art request!

I want to make a replica canvas style tag for her, of course featuring canvas style flaaffy on it! I drew uo a sketch myself, and was planning to do it, but when I examined the tag closer I realized that I'm not really skilled enough as an artist to do the linework and coloring and make it look like a replica of the canvas tag. All I need it the drawing of flaaffy! I'm going to photoshop it onto a scan of another canvas tag. Here's my quick sketch I drew up of th general pose I wanted in class

photo (24)
I was planning to make it proportionate and such in Sai, but then realized maybe someone with more experience would do a much better job at replicating it like this


Please let me know if you want to! You could even copy over my art in the style of the canvas rather than redraw a new one if you wanted to. I don't have much to offer in return, except maybe some of my art i my own style


Let me know! Thanks for reading!
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