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Dot Sprite Promo & Halloween merch questions

Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows a little more info about the Dot Sprite promotion back in 2011/2012. The reason why I'm interested is because of the merchandise for Touko/Hilda and Touya/Hilbert. I collect them. :D

(Bigger photo here.) It's really hard to tell what exactly is on the two ties. Does anyone have these ties or a better picture? I can't tell if it's pokeballs on the tie or something else.

Also, does anyone have the two shirts with Hilda and Hilbert on them along with the wallet? I'm guessing this merch is pretty tough to find nowadays. Not looking to buy, just wanting to know more info about them and what the price ranges would be so I can save up. I'm giving my wallet a break from buying. XD

Lastly, I'm wondering what clearfiles have been released so far for Halloween. I only know of the upcoming I <3 Gothic Halloween clearfile that's coming out sometime soon. Halloween's one of my favorite holidays, so I'm wondering what's out there clearfile wise.

Any extra info would be really appreciated! Thanks for reading, everyone! <3
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