pixel pixie's parlour (tehpixelpixie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
pixel pixie's parlour

Missing post ;-;

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm getting a little worried about my mail =\ I'm pretty sure my sunyshore order's lost and I haven't received any other parcels that I've been waiting for, about a month or so later (I usually get my mail pretty quickly too..)

Could people who I have bought something from let me know when they have been posted so I can try and keep track of what is missing?  & does anyone know how much tracking costs on mail from the US to the UK? Only if these parcels are missing, I'm really going to kick myself for not paying extra to take it since this will cost me more in the long run anyway ;-;

Again, sorry for seeming whiney, I just want to keep a track of what should be on it's way so I can try and figure out if they are lost or just delayed =)
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