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Mirage Umbreon and "Shiny" Sandshrew Auction!

Today I have for you possibly the most rare Umbreon plush of all time, and a "Shiny" Sandshrew plush for auction - both of them MIRAGE PLUSH!!

What's a mirage plush? To make a long story short, they are uniquely-patterned, non-mass produced, extremely rare novelty plush made for festivals or by small companies, usually only from Generation I or II. There are hundreds out there to be found, but most have never been seen twice!

For more info on Mirage Plush, click here.
or click here to see many of my own mirage plush :D

Now onto the auction info!

Auction Ends: Wednesday, September 25th, 11 PM EST.
Start Prices: Umbreon @ 150$. Sandshrew @ 50$.
Shipping: 20$ by EMS (insured and tracked).
Please bid in the appropriate threads!


"Shiny" Sandshrew is in great condition with only some light dust, and eye scratches; was otherwise very well kept. He is about 5 inches tall with a suction cup. No tags!

Umbreon is about 6-7 inches long and is also in great condition with just some light dust. He is very soft, dark blue, with very cool evil-looking embroidered eyes. He also has a suction cup and no tags!

All of my feedback can be seen here and also go check because peeking pokemon goods come out tomorrow and I still have pickups going for them :D

Until next time comrades, when I update with the new Raichu mirage I got in the same package as these two fellas!

Thank you for looking! :D
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