Joanna (banaa1212) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants Post, Toys R Us Coupon

Hey everyone!
So I pre-ordered my pokemon xy 3ds XL as soon as they announced it, but I just realized I won't have a case for it! My old 3ds case won't fit an XL. I definitely need something to make sure it stays in excellent shape. I would get so upset if something happened to it lol. I'm looking for a pokemon themed 3ds XL case. I'm not looking for a cover since I want the XY design to show, but just a hard or soft case, preferably one that zips shut. It doesn't need to be brand new, but I would like it to be in excellent shape.
I'm looking to spend $25 max, but it if there is a design I really love I might go higher. Not really sure what I'm looking for, but I don't want anything too pink haha. Shipping would be to the US.

Also, on a side note Toys R Us has a 20% off coupon on their website! I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone =] You can use the coupon online or in store, and if you have a Toys R Us credit card you actually get 25% off. This goes until Saturday 9/21.
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