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Some gets, grail on the way & some small wants

Hey I'm pokabubu! I haven't been around much lately but I'm still alive. I got some exciting new things last week.
I am in love with my D-Arts Charizard. I wasn't going to take it out of the box, but it was just too tempting. I spent like an hour posing it all different ways, and even had an odd moment where I played with it pretended it was flying, kind of like a little kid would do. For those of you that need a mental picture- yes I made sound effects. xD Its ironic because this figure was clearly made for adults, as it has very small parts.
I also got this custom sculpture in a trade flammablelizard. Its Toothless with a Charmander sleeping on its head. My inspiration for this concept? I have no explanation.
And speaking of custom trades... I had FIVE custom art trades going... and flammablelizard is the only one to complete their half. So rika_wulf, laurakitazawa, natsu_neko, you need to contact me in the next few days, or I am no longer holding your trade items. I have a limited amount of space, and I can't have this box of holds here forever. I am not mad at any of you, I understand things come up but we need to officially cancel these because its been months

I got this box of kids from godudette's moving sales. I eventually want to start collecting kids, but I need to arrange space for them.

I got this awesome Charizard poster from zetsukitty4302, but I have yet to hang it up. If I am not mistaken, Charizard is actually wearing "Heeleys" - those shoes with the wheels on the back that I could never figure out how to use. Anybody else remember those?
Anyways... My BPCFFL (Best Pokemon Collector Friend Fo Life) areica96 managed to win my ultra grail on YJ- Osaka Tepig!! She surprised me a couple weeks ago when I was having a very bad day. This is by far the nicest thing a friend has ever done for me here on pkmncollectors. Its not here yet but I just couldn't wait to brag about it. :3

Does anybody have an extra arm for the D-arts figures? I would really like to be able to pose my new Charizard flying. As always, I am looking for any small Charmander line items particularly figures and stuff like that- so feel free to link me to your sales. If you have any larger more expensive items, I have lots of stuff to trade so feel free to show me what you've got. Thanks for reading!!
Tags: charizard, charmander, tepig
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