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Roll's long overdue figure collection post!

Phew, it has been ages since I've done a collection update of any sorts, so a couple of days ago I actually kicked myself to take photos of my figure shelf! @u@; It's super crowded and messy, but I hope you like the update anyway!

Here's a small preview of the shelf, also showing about 50% of my plush collection (the other half is in my closet and I really have to arrange everything nicely before showing them to anyone, haha) and also some non-pokemon collections (Madoka, Digimon, Chi's Sweet Home yay!)!

Okay, so here's a bigger photo. This shelf takes up an entire wall in my living room. :'> I'm so proud! There's a smaller shelf on the other wall of the living room, but it's for my other collections so I'm not showcasing it here (it's for Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia/Vesperia, Ace Attorney, Okami and (even more) Madoka stuff).

I'm gonna start with my most important main collection ever: Vulpix! Some Zoruas and Fennekins have also found their way in there because hey, they're foxes, too! My number one fox Pokemon will always be Vulpix, though! I'm pretty neutral on Ninetales but I guess I like her a bit because she's Vulpix's evo.

Here' a closer look to the items on the left! Haha oh yeah and there's a lone Mightyena zukan piece hanging around with Vulpix and Ninetales! That's because me and my rp partner (we rp on a forum-based Pokemon RPG) thought our trainer characters would probably be a Vulpix and a Mightyena if they were Pokemon. :'D So here they are, together as happy Pokemon haha.

Aaannnd the items on the right! SO MESSY OH GOD

I have actually arranged most of these figure shelves according to the aforementioned RPG's characters' teams, so it TOTALLY makes sense that Herdier, Mienfoo, Dewott, Breloom and Sneasel line items are dumped together like this! :'D These five (+ Vulpix) are my main character's team atm!

I don't really like how busy this shelf looks. :'| Haha, lots of items to look at! Herdier is my favourite Pokemon just like Vulpix, so I'm really sad she never got (or will get) much merch! Not even a Tomy figure! Or a zukan set. :'C At least Stoutland and Lillipup got a little more attention merch-wise! Also say hi to my Brelooms! I think I have almost every figure of him, only missing the clear attack Kid! :0 Someday, someday! I don't like shroomish as much as I like Breloom but I still have a few items of him as well. The shiny Breloom figure is a bootleg I repainted!

Here you can see my Dewotts and Oshawotts (I dislike Samurott so I don't collect him at all, sorry!) and also Mienfoos and Mienshaos. I actually was pretty neutral on these guys until my rp character caught them. :'D They really grew on me and now they're some of my most precious collections! Mienfoo and Mienshao deserve more merch. >:C

Sneasel is an old favourite of mine, and I'm pretty proud of my collection so far! I'm still missing a lot of things but I'll get there! <3 She is probably my 3rd or 4th favourite. :0 <3 So glad she got this much merch! (lol it seems I left some spare keys there oops; it's been a good place to store them so I never forget where they are @u@).

More important collections of mine! Also sorted this way because of my other rp characters's teams. :'> There's Mawile, Quilava line, Purugly line, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Flygon line, and Audino line items in there.

Here you can see the adorable fake jaw monsters, fiery ferrets, fat cats and blue foxcatdods. *u* Mawile is an important Pokemon to me and I think I've managed to collect everything figure of her! There's also a bootleg figure repainted as shiny, and since Mawile zukan came with Chimecho, I let a couple of Chimechos live here, too. c': Purugly is my favourite cat Pokemon so far, he reminds me of one of my cats! Quilava is probably my favourite starter after Oshawott/Dewott.

Wow, bad lighting here! Anyway, now you can see all the Vaporeons and Umbreons! Poor Umbreon Pitapoke seems to have fallen down! Those things just never stand up for long. :'D Anyway, Vaporeon is my favourite Eeveelution and the only one I collect somewhat seriously. I'm not trying to get every figure ever of her, but at least all the nice-looking ones! <3 The amazing pipecleaner custom Vaps was made by some Finnish artist, can't remember who exactly. :0 I bought her at a convention last year. Umbreon is a second favourite (though he is kind of losing to Sylveon atm, haha).

And now, Flygons and Audinos! (or is it Audinoes, tell me you wise native English speakers! Oh wait, now that I think about it, I guess Pokemon's names should be similar in singular & plural, like one Audino, two Audino... what the heck!) ANYWAY Flygon is my favourite Dragon-type ever, he is so amazing and cute and amazing. And amazing. I also love Trapinch a lot, because he's adorable. Audino is also an important Pokemon to me, but since he's go SO much merch I've decided not to collect them all. I'm only buying figures and other cooll non-flat items~

I SWEAR I have stopped collecting all the Eeveelutions (except Vaps, Umbs and Sylvy), I have no idea how they're still taking this much space! @___@; I had large collections for all the Eeveelutions before Pokecen, Tomy, Bandai etc went all crazy with releasing Eevee items and decided to sell most of them because I didn't really enjoy collecting them anymore. I decided to keep a few figures of each because all of them had gotten some nice ones. It's so hard to not buy the new figures when they come up with such great poses etc.! Anyway there are other things than Eeveelutions here, too! Miltanks, Wurmples, Girafarigs, Skarmories, Yamasks, elemental monkeys, Metagrosses, Shinxes... So much going on in here, so let's take a closer look!

OK so let's begin with these evil little things. They just won't let me be. :'C But I love them so much! <3 I'm a sucker for full sets so I just HAD to get all the Pokedoll figures as well as the Eevee Friends set, and Eevee Ippai set, too. Gah. Anyway, I've tried to compromise with myself, and now I'm like seriously collecting Vaporeon, somewhat seriously Umbreon and Sylveon, a bit of Jolteon and Leafeon and none Glaceon, Espeon, Eevee and Flareon unless I want a full set of something and everyone looks beautiful and wonderful etc. Wow, talk about complicated.

Eevees take up a lot of space in this photo, too, but let's not talk about them anymore! Let's talk about MILTANKS because Miltank is like my second favourite Pokemon right after Vulpix and Herdier. <3 I really wish she'd get more merch because come on, she's adorable. *u* It was great that she was included in the recent Adventure Goods promo! Yamask is a rather new collection but I love him soooo much! Just like with Oshawott/Dewott and Mienfoo/Mienshao, I actually fell in love with Yamask thanks to my rp character's Yamask who is such a darling! The same story applies for Wurmple (who was my friend's character's first Pokemon), Metagross, Shinx and Skarmory who you can also see in this (or the next) photo! Wurmple is so cute I can't even.

OK, so I already mentioned Skarmories! There actually aren't too many Skarmory figures seen here, but I do have two different Kids figures and the Tomy, they're just somewhere else at the moment (you'll see later). c: Oh by the way, if you look closely at the Wurmple Full Color Advance/footprint figure, you can see a little Wurmple zukan piece on the FCA figure's base! How tiny is that! <3
Eeee Girafarig is an old Johto favourite of mine along with Miltank and Sneasel! I just got the clear Kid a few days ago and I'm so happy! She is very beautiful and I can't stop admiring her. <3 Now I just need the elusive TFG prototype and I have all Girafarig's official figures, I think! There's a bootleg Tomy seen here, but I do have the real deal, too! It's just somewhere else just like a few of my Skarmories!
I guess I didn't mention the elemental monkeys yet. They aren't very visible in this photo (damn you Skarmory TFG!) but I have the Tomy figures and Kids of everyone that ever got one! I really like these guys but won't be collecting any more, I'm happy with them right now.

Now this whole portion of my shelf is all thanks to my rp'ng hobby, too! I didn't collect any of these guys before but started earlier this year because some cool characters had these guys in their teams. @u@; <3 I've grown very attached to all of them and I especially love Milotic, Nidoran F, Bagon and Scyther, though their pr/evolutions are cool too.

I think Milotic has achieved a 'major side collection' title because I'm looking for new items constantly and would love to own every figure of her someday! I don't like Feebas as much but she's cute too so I'll collect her as well. Nidoran F line has also become very important to me, as well, though I try to focus more on Nidoran F and Nidorina than on Nidoqueen.

I'm not quite as attached to the Nidoran M line as I am to Nidoran F line, but somehow I've managed to get a lot more items of the male line, haha. Or at least it feels like it! I'm not really complaining, though, since I like the pink Nido, too. <3 Again, focusing more on Nidoran M and Nidorino than on Nidoking!
My lovely Salamences can also be seen here. Yet another collection that started with a phrase like "I'll get a couple of figures and that's it). NOPE. I just keep wanting more, especially Bagons because he's such a darling! <3 I'm so glad to own the zukan, now! And recently I snagged a clear Bagon Kid for a good deal, can't wait to receive him!

And now, the Scythers and Scizors. Scyther is my favourite of the two but I also love love love Scizor! *u* <3 I want to get as many cool figures of them as possible, so if you have any for sale, please let me know! I think the coolest things here are probably the zukan, the shiny Hasbro Scyther and the pencil topper Scyther doing Double Team; the latter is sooo beautiful in person!

Say hi to my mini collections! I'm not looking to add anything to most of these anymore, I'm just happy to own a figure or two of some of the nice-but-not-nice-enough-to-collect 'mons.

First, my cat collections (Purugly and Glameow are elsewhere as you already know).I love Meowth and Skitty lines and am pretty content with what I have now. There's also a couple of Mews there, she's a cat too, right? Then there are Cubones, Rattatas, Gorebysses and fire horses and a lone Scraggy. I'd like to get a Tomy and a Kid figure of Scraggy. c:

Hoo boy, dragons, Mudkips, poison snales, a couple of Arons, electric rodents, dark puppies and whatnot! There are some figures in the back (Hydreigon line, Beartic, Pupitar, Sandslash, Arcanin, Zangoose, Swablu, Spearow, Charizard etc) that I'm not looking to collect more than a figure or two. These are mostly Pokemon that belong to some trainer in the Pokemon RPG in mentioned, haha. I thought it'd be cool to own a figure of them, too.

Eep more poison snakes! Also electric sheep (need more Flaaffy pls!), Misdreavus, lone Beedrill and Walrein zukans and a couple of Stunky line items! I really love Stunky and Skuntank, them, Seviper and the electric sheep are the only ones in this shelf I really want more figures of! And maybe a couple of Ekans and Arbok. <3

OK, and now... you may have noticed there were some really 'basic' figures missing from my main collections (Tomy figures, Kids, etc). Well, it doesn't mean I don't have them; it means they're here at the moment!

This one section of my shelf is dedicated to the Pokemon Unknown RPG monsters. *u* There are also beautiful needfelt customs of my character Charlotte and my friend's character Reliam. I noticed poor Reliam's dark hair actually blends very well to the black background and Charlotte's hair looks pretty bad, too, haha. @u@; The plushies depict some of Charlotte's team members, and all the small figures are from various characters' teams.

Here you can see the figures better. Quite a few rp'ers seem to favour Skarmories as there are three trainers with one at the moment (one of them belonging to me, haha).

And more cuties! As I told you before, Charlotte's team consists of Herdier, Vulpix, Sneasel, Mienfoo, Dewott and Breloom (she also had a Cubchoo at one point so I put a Kid figure behind her current team, hehe). Reliam has a Scizor, Nidorino, Milotic and Shelgon in his team atm. c: (And a Jynx but that's just temporary so I haven't bothered to buy a figure of her, haha). I have almost every figure I need for this collection. Right now I'm waiting on a Flaaffy Tomy, a Zebstrika Kid and a Totodile Tomy, though, and am looking for a Swoobat Kid, Sealeo Kid, a Combusken figure (Tomy or Kid), aMurkrow Tomy and some others I keep forgetting.

Phew, so that's it! Wait, not really. All the above photos were taken a few days ago, and after that I've received a few packages so instead of photographing everyhing all over again, I'll just show my newest gets here:

First and foremost: these elusive and amazing 'medal swings' were won in a GA! *o* Miltank was pretty much a grail for me as I've been looking for one for years! So beautiful! I'm happy to own Girafarig and Scizor, too! Now I'm only missing Skarmory, Nidoran M, Nidorino and special Vulpix (from some movie I guess), and after that I have all the medal swings I've always wanted.

Ah, new Nidos! <3 Super happy to have the clear female Kid (thanks Sara)! *u* And the Nidorino Battle Museum figure is pretty cool, too, I think he's doing Frustration. :0 Anddd yay for the alt coloured Nidoran M chibi stamper too!

These new Banpresto Eeveelution keychains are BEAUTIFUL! And big, maybe a bit larger than the Tomy figures? I was 100% certain about keeping Vaporeon and Umbreon when I ordered a full set (excluding Sylveon) to sell extras later, but I ended up keeping Leafeon and Jolteon too because they're so precious! I'm getting a Sylveon and an extra vaporeon from the super nice tailglow, so I won't miss Sylvy from this set, either!

These two didn't fit in with any others so they're hanging out with each other for this photo! :'D Oshawott is for my water otter collection, of course, but Tyranitar was an impulse buy. :'> I regret nothing, though! He's really cool and will join my lonely Pupitar Kid soon. <3

Aaand that's it! Thanks for looking! Next collection post will be mostly plushies! @u@ It'll probably take me ages to get around posting them but whatever! As long as it gets done someday, I'm happy.

Now, buy my extra Eeveelutions, please! Click the pic!

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