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New Bandi Kid Figure Small Sales along with other kids and still leftover cards!

Hey guys! I bought some loose Bandai kids in some lots on ebay and also some NIB 2013 BW5 kids (not eeveelutions, cuz those are mine lol). All are up for sale for really cheap prices. I had made an ecrater store (because I liked the layout and I thought it would be pretty neat), but for some reason it is not calculating my shipping costs. :( So, if you guys could post on this post of what you want, I can give you a shipping cost and combine it if need be, then I'll send you the total and you can pay me via paypal. I hope this is allowed! I took awhile putting all the descriptions of the kids on this store and it would take a long time to redo that onto here. But let me know if I do have to do that!

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2011
Feedback link is here:

Here is my store's link:

Pokemon Palkia Large Bandai 2006 Posable Figure2013 BW5 Charizard Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Shiny Genesect Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Pikachu Bandai kid NIB2013 BW5 Mewtwo Bandai Kid NIBPokemon Darkrai Bandai Kid Figure

Anything from here can be combined with my card sales, (which there is still a lot left of) at my journal here:
Tags: charizard, crobat, darkrai, elekid, genesect, hitmontop, mantine, marowak, mewtwo, palkia, pichu, pikachu, sales, skiploom, smeargle, spinarak, staraptor, staravia, steelix, sudowoodo, tyrogue, ursaring
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