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Mew auction and Late Rumble U Trades

Hello everyone,

I will be doing a collection update after our much anticipated October 12th amazingness. But besides that I have a small auction and some incredibly late Rumble U trades

 photo Untitled-2.png

Please read the rules, if you fail to do so I WILL know

ALL pkmncollectors rules are in effect for this sales post
some_text #1. I received my sales permission on 10/04/2012 from dewott. And here is a link to
my feedback:
some_text #2. I ship from the US and use USPS as my preferred shipping service. I am totally new to shipping overseas so if you would like to buy outside of the US please be patient with my lack of knowledge. I will get you the most accurate quote I can come up with ( I will refund if I charge too much, if too low I will cover the cost)
some_text #3. I only accept payment in the form of Paypal
some_text #4. Shipping is not included in my costs and will be added when you ask for a quote, please do ask for a quote before you commit to buying.
some_text #5. Haggling may be accepted on some items please ask but don't feel offended if I turn your offer down some things aren't as negotiable as others.
some_text #6. Trades may be considered simply ask and post a link to your sales/trades and I will let you know if I see something I like.
some_text #7. Please ASK QUESTIONS if you are curious about something I would like to know. I may not have thought of every detail when posting the description of an item but you can bet I will help you out if you need to know anything
some_text #8. I will NOT sell to banned members of pkmncollectors
some_text #9. For any questions pertaining to my rules please use my Questions/Comments thread below or PM me
some_text #10. After you ask for a quote I will reply to you with the quote and the exact condition of the item(s) you wish to purchase, it is at this point that you may choose if you do or do not want the item(s)

CoroCoro Shining Mew (Excellent Condition) Starts at $20.00
Auction will end after offers have stopped for 24-48 hours

 photo IMG_20130703_190343_896.jpg

 photo IMG_20130703_190423_932.jpg

Extra Pics:

I am actually hoping to trade with these, I am interested in Mew, Eevee or Zoroark for any of these.

 photo IMG_20130920_152708_869.jpg
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