avew14 (avew14) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New collector introduction! With lots of questions xD

Hey guys im a new pkmn collector! Just joined the group :D. Anyhow i collect tomy pokemon only. This is because i love their size and variety... *Found out about them at an anime convention (Anime North). My collection is very small but growing fast! Waiting on a shipped tomy lot coming my way :D. Im thinking of just collecting the og 151 or at least focus on those and then decide afterwards. My current collection kinda contradicts this thought tho... :P. I collect other stuff so i need to keep size, and room into consideration. Plus money xD! Specifically I focus on the ones presented on this website, however im not sure if its a complete database of all the tomy pokemon available. http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/ . Anyhow without further a do this is my tiny collection:


Now a couple of concerns of mine: ik electrode is extremely rare and mine seems different from the ones ive seen... so could some1 tell me if mine is fake or not? The seller guaranteed its authenticity to me, as she is also a tomy collector. Note on the back it says: MADE IN CHINA TOMY (copyright symbol) Nintendo C G T S J

Could you also authenticate this figure for me, mewtwo with his armor:I have yet to see another one however it says: C G T S J TOMY CHINA:

Almost forgot! I don't collect plushies (mostly because my parents would kill me xD) but i won this one at a fair... and ill probably sell it in the future could any1 give me an approximate value for this tepig plush:

Note: the picture makes it seem bigger than it is; but its a pretty big size.

1 more question: Which tomy pokemon would have nintendo on them? Some have them and some don't O.o?! Based on the website given above should they have nintendo or not? or maybe some yes some no? lol so confused xD Ty for all the help guys! Loving this community ^^"
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