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Toys R Us Goodness - Tomy XY Series 1!

Greetings all! I got a text from a friend this afternoon about new stock that just made it's way into our Toys R Us store today. I received a photo with said message, fully expecting to see the shelves full of more Series 2.
Welllll... It wasn't Series 2.

So just a heads up - Tomy XY figures are now out at retail in the USA! So far for new Pokemon, it's just the starters, but this is still absolutely amazing to me!

There's also a line called "Trainer's Choice" that come in sleek, well designed black boxes. The items included in this line seem to be geared more towards collectors, and is touted to feature "the most celebrated Pokemon across all generations" (so far it's just the starters).

Trainer's Choice single figures. These will run you about the same amount of money as the 2 pack figures...why? They come with a very cute little clear plastic display case. This is seriously something I've always wanted. Dreams do come true!  Series 1 features the first three Grass Starters and Pikachu.

Seriously, check out those beautiful boxes with all the spot gloss and nice layout and art (man I'm a sucker for package design). Here's the back of my favorite. Name, Region, Typing, Pic, all sorts of nice info. ALL of the Trainer's Choice line items have backs similar to this.

Next up are Catch n' Return Pokeballs. Just like the standard ones, but these Pokeballs are really metallic and shiny. They also obviously come in the really cool packaging. So far the ones released are all the final evo Fire starters... and Blastoise. Derp.

Last thing in the Trainer's Choice line were these amazing plush.  Pikachu, Chikorita and Bulbasaur so far.  Sure theyr'e the standard Tomy, so is everything else in this line... BUT THOSE BOXES! Not only that, but the tags come with their own custom protector. It's a truly marvelous thing. T_T

Back to Basic XY branded stuff...

Here's the back of the box for the 2-packs and Clip n' Carry Pokeballs. They had Pika/Flareon when I went, but I can't fit everything in one pic. Helioptiles, Y U make me wait? Kanto Starters in the Pokeballs right now. Also, I think the Gogoat in the premiere ball is pretty nifty.

Regular Catch n' Return Pokeballs with Espeon and Umbreon. (Jolteon and Sylveon are the only ones missing over here now!).  Didn't bother to take a pic of the back, but Helioptile will be the next to come in these too.

Just for fun, here's the cool showcase they have on display in the store:

I ran out the door to get my beloved Froakie, and in the end picked up all the Kalos starter 2 packs after about an hour of deciding what to do and a crisis about how I should be spending my money. X)  Regardless, I have a few photos to share!


And remember, TRU has a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase good through tomorrow (Saturday, 21st)! Good luck, guys, and be safe in that tall grass!
That's all for now!   -Spectre
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