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Back-to-school / Pre-X/Y Minor Collection Update

Hey there PKMNCollectors! Now that I'm finally going back to school (gotta love that quarter system), I figured now would be a good time to do a collection recap. Also it's a good time to wrap up my pre-X/Y collection since I can only imagine how we'll be getting flooded with gets posts of lifesize plushies once X/Y are out (I'll personally be contributing to this flood with any luck). This update's focused on plushies though, since that's what I've mainly obtained since my last collection update. Below is my modest collection at the beginning of the summer.

As of right now, here's all my plushies stuffed onto the same shelf:

A lot more crowded now! Poor Cresselia and Togekiss are wishing they were just a little bit bigger. But that's not all:

I've also got some customs who were too big to fit on my shelf! I've already posted about the Helioptiles; Here's the specific gets that I haven't posted about yet:

I've been wanting a Snivy plush for a while, but it always got shoved in the back of my head. Well, finally after about 1 or 2 years, and being 3-4 years late on the whole Gen 5 starter bandwagon, I finally got my hand on one. Two, actually! The first one's the normal Pokecen plush from 2010; the second one's the Christmas version! When I saw how happy the Christmas one was, I knew I just had to have it. The jingling bell just makes it that much more awesome. Apologies for the low quality picture, I couldn't be bothered to take another one.

My friend who was lucky enough to go on a study program in Japan over the summer picked this up for me from the Pokemon Center! I believe it was the one in Tokyo. I was honestly surprised he didn't pick up a Sylveon given how prolific the merch was. Anyway, previously I wasn't a big fan of Minccino, but this plush makes me appreciate it a lot more. It's so darn cute! Especially his cute little tail. It's so fun to whap people with his tail!

Finally, some customs shenanigans:

I finally achieved one of my ultimate goals: to own a Furret plush! I made this guy myself from minky. I'm not entirely happy with how it came out proportionally, but it's still fun to hug. Personally, I've been using him as a pillow since he's the perfect size to do so (a little under 3 feet). He reminds me of those giant cylindrical pillows you get at hotels all the time, lol.

My other ultimate plush goal: owning a Lanturn plush! Unlike Furret, who actually has some official plushes (albeit very few), Lanturn's never had anything made of him, so I knew that I'd either have to commission him or make one myself. Well, since I learned to sew over the summer, I'm pretty sure you know what the outcome was. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out; he's not as chubby as I was hoping (he looks a lot more chubby in the official art), but still, it's awesome after all these years to finally have a plush of my longtime favorite Pokemon. (Well, he was my favorite until Helioptile stepped in!)

That's it for my modest collection update; thanks for reading! I'll be seeing you all on the other side with mountains of gen 6 merch, and hopefully a sizeable collection of Helioptile stuff!

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