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A get and a destroyed package that just won't quit

Hey guys, Cupcakechu says hello!
 photo Raichucupcake_zps7bdc15b7.jpg

The friend I made that cupcake for also gave me a lovely little person!

 photo DSC02157_zps90de921a.jpg
It's Ash and a couple Pikas! One appears to be constipated Thunderbolting!

 photo DSC02159_zps27aff357.jpg
What's pretty cool is that the Pikachu on the right actually fits on top of Ash's backpack! Unfortunately it looks like my friend's cat got to poor Pika, and he has the battle scar to prove it.

 photo DSC02164_zpsb49edbb9.jpg
Said friend also gave me the Misty from the same set, who also has an attachable Horsea! Aren't they cute together?

Also, please check out my pre-X/Y Pokemon Sales! Everything is under $20, and both Ash and Misty are up there!

Lastly, I still have an issue regarding a package...
 photo openedpackage_zpsa42d86b7.jpg
I pre-ordered the Eeveelutions/Mewtwo/Genesect zukan set months ago, and this is how my package arrived at my home: opened and completely empty. This happened a bit over a month ago.

Thank you to everyone who offered advice when I first posted about this. I have contacted Canada Post and the seller, animeraro about it. Apparently only the person who shipped an item can file a report, but the person I was in contact with at the company has stopped responding to my e-mails, so I don't know what to do anymore. ._.

I still want the Mewtwo and Eeveelutions sets, but at this point they're becoming harder to come by. Does anyone know where I might be able to get them for a reasonable price? :<

Thanks, lovelies!
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