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Eeveepalooza GB Final Payment + Extras!

Okay I know this is a little late, but payments are ready to be collected for these items:

There was a surprising hitch in this GB which is resulting in some extra figures being up for claims so I do suggest everyone go ahead and give a look-see!

Participant list
caterpie chaosoftwilight doryphish333 emxchan girlwith0neye toda zombiecarousel

So, here's basically the story guys. When I received the items from Gin and opened the box with the figures, I found ten little boxes inside... and in each small box there was two figures. So, in total, there was twenty figures - and 2 perfect sets of these figures! I wasn't sure if this was a mistake or not, so this is the main reason there was such a hold-up because I needed to confirm from Gin that this was correct and she  said it was.

The second issue is of course, I only ran a GB for ten figures - but we have twenty! I figured the fairest way to go about this is to recalculate prices and then offer proper discounts on your guys' second payments. So basically, originally you guys paid for $44 dollars for ten figures but now it will be $44 for 20 and instead of shipping being split as it was ($11.50 for the figures and $5 for clips), I just completely redid it and split the $16 total between 28 total items, which makes shipping $0.57 per item, which is cheaper for participants who bought from either. This also means there are a few extra figures up to be purchased!

So had I of known, I would have charged $2.77 + fees for figures and $3.32 + fees per clip. But, the extra you've given me will act as 'credit' to your shipping costs now; some of you have even been issued refunds. You'll see below how it breaks down with each of you and see the discount you'll be getting! A reminder for shipping: bubble mailers are still .50 cents each and there is still a PP fee.

The following 4 people have been refunded and owe nothing:

participant: recalculated payment + final shipping - payment originally paid = final total
chaosoftwilight: $3.16 + $2.57 - $6.02 = -0.29
emxchan: $6.01 + $2.57 - $11.74 = -3.19
girlwith0neye: $3.16 + $2.57 - $6.02 = -0.29
toda: $19.92 + free shipping - $20.28 = -0.36

The following 3 people still owe payments:

participant: recalculated payment + final shipping - payment originally paid = subtotal + fees = final total
doryphish333: $3.72 + $2.57 - $3.79 = $2.50 + fees = $2.88
caterpie: $3.16 + $7.05 - $6.02 = $4.19 + fees = $4.62
zombiecarousel: $8.86 + $7.05 - $17.45 = $1.54 + fees = $1.89

Those of you with payment in bold, send that amount to Jadekitty777(@)aol.com and remember to include your LJ name in the subject or note!



I apologize for the glare... and the cat.

Open to all!
$2.77 participants/$3.00 non-participants

Sold: All of the Eevees and Pikachu!

Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, group buy, jolteon, leafeon, pikachu, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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