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Movie 9 figure auctions!

Hi folks! As part as my collection downsizing I've decided to let go of my movie 9 figures. They're perhaps one of the rarest Pokemon Gachapons and it's with some reservations that I sell them, but I simply don't have a good place to display them right any. Any rate - check out the auctions for a chance at some very beautiful and rare human Pokemon merchandise!



These figures where released near the Japanese showing of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, but had a low distribution in Japan and were sparse even during their release. They constitute the only official figures of the Movie 9 cast--Jack Walker, Lizabeth, and Captain Phantom--and are very beautifully detailed. Though not perfectly scaled, they're about the size of a large Zukan, and Lizabeth's base is the same size as Zukan bases.


Captain Phantom Movie 9 Figure
Starts @ $40

Lizabeth Movie 9 Figure
Starts @ $100

Jackie Movie 9 Figure
Starts @ $150

Shiny Turtwig Kids
Might have some very minor scratching. Lotto exclusive and difficult to find.
$12 each

Lake Spirits Zukan
New in package. Note that it comes with the pegs, they're just not inserted in the photo.
$10 each / 3 2 available

Armalado Zukan
New in package. Beautifully detailed!
$20 each / 3 2 available

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