shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey guys! My laptop's hinge is pretty fantastically broken and I have way too many Pokemons - it's buy-a-new-laptop-lid sales time! I have a ton of things available in my sales post, including this rad giant Eevee pillow (see kid figure for size ref!), a DX Glaceon, and a kyun chara Mewtwo diorama! I'm absolutely open to best offers or haggling on most everything, so check it out :D Thanks!

Edit: I'm buying a set of the little 'peeking' clips, but I'm only after the Vulpixes - if anyone wants to buy my spare Banettes or Pikachus, let me know! I'll message you once they arrive :D
Tags: eevee, glaceon, mewtwo, sales
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