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Shipping Updates and How to Display Your Zukan

Hey everyone! Everything has been shipped out except for a handful of packets. The post office ran out of stickers for the stamps in the machine (I actually even paid for postage that didn't print! Urg!) and one of my eBay lots was in a box too large for the slot. :\ I dunno if the winner was anyone on the comm, but if you are here, your first box has been sent and your second will go out as soon as I can get it to the PO during business hours.

Now! My project today was to finally display all of my pretty zukan. <3 I needed to buy a shelf and put it up, and I think a did a decent job. I loved how it came out, too. The above picture is the "before," which is where I'd been storing my zukan since I moved.

After! <3 All nice and neat and organized. I dropped Flareon behind the dresser while setting them up and had to rescue her. D:

The big picture! See Seto Kaiba and Mari Illustrious chilling out on my dresser, haha. I won Mari while in Japan out of a UFO catcher!

I was also playing around with showing off collections in a different way. I like to be uniform in what I collect. Chibi stamps, metal swings, buttons, charms, zukan, and any unique-looking figures. (And of course, everything for Vulpix.) I still need lots to complete the collections, though. :\ So if you have Buttons, Chibi Stamps, or Swings of these Pokemon (as well as Chikorita, Furret/Sentret, and Growlithe!) let me know!

Vulpix rainbows! :D It's getting more colorful!

This was the front seat of my car. XD

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