DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The fire has be renewed! I'm back on the hunt for my grail of grails!

Quite a bit ago I hit with a few financial troubles and had to painfully sit on the sidelines and watch this gorgeous beast get bid on

Obviously not this specific one, but after seeing the giant suicune go up for sale I figured why not ask. My boyfriend joltebrianzard (he is a member of this community, he's just not active due to the fact that he's currently stationed away) would be the one paying for it (all up front I might add, gotta love that army paycheck *I kid* :P ) but it would be going to me. I'm kind of waiting to see what suicune finally goes for to get a good grasp on price since she tends to be a little more sought after. I've been checking every day for weeks and as a proud Entei collector. We are willing to pay a very fair price for him, and again, all up front. So if you see one, find one, have one to sell, please keep me in mind as this beautiful gorgeous darling is something I would love and cherish more than you could imagine. I don't want him because he's rare, I want him because Entei is my soul, heart, and passion. Please think of me! Also, at this time, if anyone has anything Entei to offer, I'll gladly take a look see! I'm still collecting him hardcore and have many wants. Please feel free to show me what Entei's you have to offer me.

Other Entei Grail:

Hasbro Thinkchip *another grail*

all pictures are from the Sacred Field website
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