Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hell-spawn for sale or trade

This isn't even Who's That Pokemon, it's just scary as hell

When I opened the box of this order, Igglybuff stared out at me with her giant magenta eyes. SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE TO DO THIS, mind you.

In any case, Igglybuff Pokedoll that I've just received in a lot for sale or trade. She's in good used condition -- the seller washed them before they came here, but with mixed results. She's clean and doesn't smell funny, but she's also ... very... you know how that fabric gets when you wash it, yeah?

Anyway, for sale or trade -- I'm actually slightly more interested in trade, to be honest. Trade would only be for plush. I'm looking for Pokedolls, Mismagius, and Heatran in particular, but if you have a suggestion throw it out there. I will not take Jakks, Hasbro or other American makes.

If you want to put up money for Iggly, that's fine with me as well. Going rate on eBay is about $18-20, so I'd be fine with a BIN of $15 $10.


Igglybuff Pokedoll
Mismagius Pokedoll, Heatran UFO, other Pokedolls upon approval, (other plush?)
BIN: $15 $10
Shipping: $5 USPS Priority Mail within the US. Int'l buyers, we'll figure it out. (If you really want to pay less, $3.50 for normal-speed mail may be doable, it just won't get there as quickly or securely.)

Please give this creepy little thing a good home ♥

EDIT: Price slashed by $5 because of an unexpected expense! $10 BIN now.
Tags: igglybuff, plush, sales
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