Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Sales!

Hello collectors!  Today I bring you some updated sales on Eevee Mart -- I spent the day finally adding a ton of my collection extras to the store as well as discounting some old stock :)

At some point in the very near future (likely this coming week) I'll be temporarily shutting down the mart to transfer domains and introduce a ~*brand new store name*~ so shop now if something catches your eye!  I hope the downtime won't be too long however you never know how finicky these server changes can be :D

Click the banner to be transported! Or you can click a text link if you like text links better :D

Also I'm finally settled in my home in New York so I hope to be offering regular NWS Pokedoll pickups shortly too! Yay!

Thanks all and happy collecting ♥
Tags: sales
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