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Electric Sheep Factory Update

Sales permission granted in March 2009
Feedback page here


I have a huge update to my webstore! I also added Pokedoll straps and Pokemon Kids. :> All is left are zukans, figures, NDS accessories and TCG stuff. :D

Plushes! I put up all the plushes I had for sale but I might sporadically add some more as I weed out my collection.
ESF - plush

Back to school sale! All notebooks, pens and stamps have been discounted until October 1st.
ESF - sale

Personal Eevee plush collection

I am thinking of parting with some of my Eevee collection. I didn't mean to collect them in the first place since everything is so pricey, but the cuteness got to me. XD;; I'm probably going to only focus on Eevee, Vaporeon, Espeon and Leafeon since those are my favorites. I'll let you guys know if I end up selling them on my site. I have 2009 Pokedolls, mini Pokedolls and Canvas Plushes of each.

Also, feel free to follow my shop's Twitter for updates!
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