winter_snowdust (winter_snowdust) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first gets post! ; u ;

I get so excited watching people post their kid figures so I decided to collect Lotad kids because they're so derpy! <333

Ahhhh I'm so mad that the Lotad kid I ordered turned out to be a Tomy though. :(( Still cute but overpriced! x(
And the Shedinja is for my friend.

Also, I made myself a Noivern stamp! He's so cute. I wish I had a better stamp pad though!

^^^^^noivern designs/size testing

So... anyone have an extra Lotad kid they could sell me? :( Also how much do the lotad plush go for and how rare are they? Dx

Sell me your lotad things. <33

Also how long does sales permission normally take to approve? D:

edit: double also, Is there an IRC here? or a skype group chat or something?
Tags: lotad, noivern

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