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Before and After Photo Meme

So, kiraras_lemon 's comment pictures in the Espeon plush post the other day inspired me to start a photo meme: Before and after pictures of your collection. The before picture can be before you joined the comm, or found eBay, or learned about YJ and deputy services, or even just before your collection really started to grow. The after should be as recent as possible!

I'm mostly going for collections of single Pokemon, but ones of all your plush, zukan, or just your whole collection are fine too, of course ^_^ It'd also be neat if you could include dates, so we can see how quickly (or slowly ;) ) your collection is progressing.

I'll start us off with my Jolteon:

From about a year ago (9/30/07) when I first joined the comm. The cel still is my rarest item, though!

And now, with many figures from YJ, and the comm! I do have the zukan as well, but it's not shown here, as it's on my zukan shelf~

And my largest collection:

Hahahahahahaha. This is from also about a year ago, 9/30/07. I had picked up a few things from Pokemon (it was still open then) and had started getting things off eBay as well.

Now? I don't have things well enough organized to put them all in one picture, but I tried and here is the result:

This doesn't quite fit everyone, so here is a close up of just the figures (from June, so a little outdated but not much):

I also have an item-by-item index at my site, Dialga FTW. ^_^ (If you've seen it when I last posted, I added several new items, so the count is a little bit higher!)

Let's see your collections!
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