kyogres (kyogres) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Rumble U sales/trades/wants

I know, I know, I'm late to the party.

- I was granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2009
- My comm feedback can be found here
- I ship from the US. Shipping/fees start at $2.60 within the US and $7.30 internationally.
- Please let me know whether you would like the figure shipped with or without the capsule. Shipping may be slightly higher if you'd like the figure shipped with the capsule. Figures with capsules will have to be shipped in boxes, whereas figures without capsules can probably fit in bubble padded envelopes.

For sale/trade. All figures are mint, and I can combine shipping with anything in my permanent sales post.
Red Genesect - $35, or will trade for shiny Eevee
Black Kyurem - $15
Litwick x2 (one English, one Japanese), Croagunk (Japanese) - $5 each

Wanted: Shiny Eevee, Mew. Offering $35 shipped (or shiny Genesect) for a mint shiny Eevee. I would prefer to trade for Mew.
Tags: black kyurem, croagunk, eevee, genesect, litwick, mew, sales, wanted

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