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Stamp Commissions


All of my general selling rules apply:
-I accept Paypal only
-I prefer to ship to the US, but will ship internationally
-Shipping is not included in the price, please leave your zip code or country and I will get back to you with the cost.
-Insurance is available upon request, if you do not request insurance I am not to be held responsible for any missing or damaged packages.
-I have feedback here and here
-Sales permission granted by denkimouse in '09

Info on commissions:
- Stamps are not mounted, but are on a thick enough rubber to stamp cleanly
- Prices start at $6 but go up depending on the size of the stamp or complexity.
- Expect a 1-2 week maximum turnaround
- I require the seller to provide the image they want carved (please do not use another artists work without their permission)
- Payment is expected within 3 days of stamp completion, if you expect you will be away from the computer please let me know so we can arrange a date for payment.
- Taking a slot is equal to buying the item, if your stamp is completed payment is required or I will leave negative feedback

 photo stampsamples.jpg

I will be taking 5 slots (one slot per person, can commission multiple stamps):
1. riolu - Riolu stamp, to fit within 3"x3" - Complete & Paid
2. sugarstitch - Feraligatr, 3x3 - Complete & Paid
3. without_reason - Mareep, 1"-1.5"
4. squiffeh - Raichu, 3x3
5. austerlitze - Fluffy 'Vee 2.5" x 2.5", Second 'Vee 2"

Wait List (Est. time 1-4 weeks. Will message people before starting to make sure they are still interested).

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