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New here! With a collection post and first gets! :D

Hello, I'm new here, and this formatting stuff gets confusing so I hope this looks alright... most of these figures and such are from my childhood that were thankfully saved by awesome hiding techniques XP I've been watching the pkmncollectors community for a few months and I think that it's a really nice little community and pokemon is amazing and a huge chunk of my life so, here I am :) This is the majority of my collection and I need a much better way to display them...... I'm a guy just starting college sooooo my collection may not grow as fast as some other people's, but it fun to collect all the same :) My collection resides at home and so I get to keep very little of it with me at college, these photos are what I could find of my collection on a quick trip home, thank you for reading and browsing, have a lovely day!

My keshipoke! (I think...) with my favorite Pokemon Cyndaquil!

My pokedex collection :3

TFG's (they're such nice designs :)

Photography is hard and I don't really have places to display my collection at the moment..... But my hasbro figures!

Tomy's! I used to have so many more D:

Ignore the Kingdom Hearts and Animal Crossing stuff (and the terrible lighting >.<), my zukan collection is the real focus here...

I didn't have time to clean up my figures seeing as I'm only home for a short while......

I loooove pins.

Pokeblock case!

My pokedoll collection :) from my first and only trip to The Nintendo Center... I would love love love to visit again one day... Anyone know of a good way to protect the tags?

The first of the getsness, I really like the mini gameboy promotion... They're so adorable and fun to play with XD

This lot was pretty beat up but there's a very special reason I got it.... (And for a really good price too!)

Him!!! :D aahhhhhhh it's the shiny hasbro Cyndaquil, and he's very loved (his right foot is missing a lot of paint, and he's missing both flame shooter thingys) , but he's mine and by golly I'm gonna love him too XD

My little Cyndaquil collection as of now :3 thank you again for reading! Next update to include customs and misc things I was too tired to photograph now >.<

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