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Collection Update! Woooo!!

Hey guys!
I've got another collection update =] I've gotten a TON of new stuff since the last one. I kept telling myself I would do a gets post, but then I would buy more stuff and wait until it got here. It was like an endless cycle haha. Most of this stuff is from the comm =] I also finally made the upgrade to not one, but TWO bookcases. I've been putting it off for a while because of space issues, but with XY coming out I knew I had to invest. Here's a preview pic of one shelf:

More pics below the cut!

And here is (most of) my collection on two shelves!

Sorry for the light pollution! There is a ton of new stuff here like I said, so here are some close up pics. (Ps please ignore the guys on the floor haha they're waiting for me to get sales permission to move onto better homes).

First up eevees and tepigs!

I just got my 1:1 eevee in the mail today from PokedollUSA, and I absolutely love her! She's so soft and cute ^_^. I debated getting one for a long time, and I couldn't resist when I saw their awesome pre-order sale price. I never realized how cheap their prices are! Especially for pre-orders when they have sales. I ended up getting Jolteon from them too. I debated on him for a while too, and when I saw he was the last one in stock I knew it was meant to be. I can't wait to go to Nintendo World for the XY release! The employees told me they would have a ton of eeveelutions, and I would love to finish out my pokedoll set! I don't collect eevee and her evolutions too much since they just have so much merch. I just collect the plushes I absolutely love, and since I'm obsessed with pokedolls I would love to have the complete set.

Tepig is by far my favorite gen 5 pokemon. Similar to eevee, he isn't one of my main collections, but I try to grab plushes of him when I can. I really, really want to get a tepig pokedoll soon. I'm probably going to start looking for one in a couples weeks (after I'm done saving my money for the XY release).

Onto my main collections!

I decided to start collecting charizard (and some charmander too!). I tried to resist since he has so much merch, but he's one of my absolute favorite pokemon. I bought a ton of my chars on the comm. I really love the custom shiny in the middle ^_^ I've never owned a custom plush before and he's absolutely gorgeous! You may be wondering what that guy in the back right is. A while back me and my friends went to Walmart to play some crane games. It's like our thing to go play them haha I'm very good, and I've been teaching them how to win. I saw this guy peaking up, and I knew I had to win him! He just looks so much like a derpy charmander. He was under a couple other plush, so it took me a little bit to move those plush away and get him, but it was totally worth it (under $10 haha don't worry I didn't go too crazy!). When I won him the crane actually glitched and didn't drop him. It was my $0.50 cents too, so I shook the machine until it dropped him. Thank goodness it did x_X. Anyway, when I got home I used my horrible sewing skills to give him a flame. Here are some before and after pics:

He honestly might be one of my favorite plushes in my collection now just because I think he's so funny.

My plusle and minun collection has also come a long way thanks to the comm (and a little help from ebay):

I just bought a banpresto plusle to match my big minun on FromJapan. I can't wait for him to get here so they can be together! He came with a DX minun pokedoll (or at least I think that's what it was), but I actually already ordered one months ago! I bought the first dx minun on FromJapan as well, but chose slow shipping (which I regret -_-), but he arrived last weekend! I don't have him yet though since he was sent home, and I'm at school. I'll be getting him Friday. I might give the extra DX to my boyfriend since plusle and minun are like our thing haha but we'll see. The cushions I found on eBay. I honestly don't know what they're worth, so I might have overpaid. I've never seen them before, so it was totally worth it! I also love how soft the minun and plusle purses are! So many of the plush are the rougher fabric (velboa?) it was nice to finally get some softer ones. Below them is my 1<3 marine DX piplup. I had to mention him simply because of how soft he is. It's unreal. When I first got him in the mail my boyfriend wouldn't put him down! I also love that his colors are slightly faded. Something about it makes him so cute!

Side Note: Does anyone know anything about this?

My grandfather left it to me before he passed away. My mom completely forgot about it until this summer and gave it to me. I know it's not legit, but I've never seen anything like it before o_o. I have more pics on my imgur if anyone wants to see them. The only big words are "Radio Controller" and "Supernatural Pet." I'm not sure if supernatural pet is the company name? If it's not there literally isn't a company name anywhere. I know we can't advertise bootlegs, but I wasn't sure if this qualified since it's so old, and I'm just looking for info. If any mod wants me to take it down please just let me know and I will!

Sorry this post is so long! I guess this is what I get for getting so much stuff and waiting to do an update haha. Thank you for reading!

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