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Small Post is Smaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

Got these in the post today. ;) My last for a while I think! :D I wasn't expecting Darkrai (a trade with yaoi_queen) since I thought it was going to my school address. But it arrived in time anyways! :D :D It's soo cute, thanks again! :3 I leave tomorrow at 6 AM. x_X

The Munchlax is the TOMY plush. I guess you can kinda see how big it is from the kid comparison. ;D If you are a plushie collector and want just one Munchie plush, this is the plush I would recommend. It is a great size, very on-model, nice and soft and, most importantly I think very easy to obtain for a reasonable price (on eBay even!). I of course love all Munchies. ;D

Also I have an update on Fushigi-Lax! I have had some correspondence with an awesome and helpful Japanese Kabigon collector. He or she (I can't tell by their name ;-;) believes that Fushigi-Lax is a bootleg/copy of the Hasbro Beanie. They have one in their collection as well! So, if true, that means I have two different bootlegs of the most common Snorlax plush. xD How funny! :D

I recommend a visit to their collection, it is very impressive! :D Click on the Snorlax holding the little box to get to the Collection. :3

If you click on the Snorlax looking at the stars you will be brought to the Links page! And then you will see that they were kind enough to link to Gonbe no Bento! I am so honored. <3
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