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Collection update (& re intro)

Hey guys,
I haven't posted in agesss ... I was trying to save up as much as possible for a big collection update and well I finally got my big package from fromjapan.
So for those who don't know, my name is Eilidh and I am 22 years old. I live in Edinburgh, right now I am between jobs so that sucks but fingers crossed something will come up soon!

My main collections are Flareon, Sylveon and Canvas Plush

and side collections are Eevee, Charizard, Mewtwo,Zoroark, Cat pokemon, bird pokemon, dog pokemon ... etc!

Been a member for almost 2 years now and love this community :3

Anyway onto the photos (warning image heavy)


My plush hammock ... actually not a lot of pokemon on here anymore.

Usually just put my side collection pokemon (and other non-pokemon) plush on here, I am looking to get a new bookcase or something so everything can be with its collection but that will have to wait :(


My pokedoll shelf
I think that every pokemon collector should at least have 1 pokedoll in their collection; whether they collect that pokemon or not they are pretty hard to resist!

Example, I don't even collect Latias/Latios nor do I intend to and yet I couldn't resist having them - Just look at the big cute eyes :3


YESS its that pink eevee, I know everyone is probably pretty sick of her now but I can't get enough!

I have a few things but compared to some peoples collection mine is tiny, I would have more but yeh you need money ... ='(
A few more sylveon things around my room.
I don't use the bag, its just there till I find a better spot for it. I am using the pouch just now for my 3DS (can't wait for X & Y!)


Moving onto my fire babies!

I never thought I would have such an amazing flareon collection, and again although its small - I have only been collecting her for a few months!

But yeh couldn't have got all this stuff if it wasn't for all the amazing people on the comm and (occasionally) YahooJapan!
I like to make all my flareons different so thats why they all have collars, or ribbons or something on them ... Some even have names (please tell me I'm not the only one that does this?!?!)

Few closeups of the backs/insides of the shelf
I love getting artwork with things, it just makes the item a lot more special :3
Finally got both pokebox charms, they are both so cute
Next up is the Eevee/ Eeveelution shelf.
I only really collect eevee on the side so will only ever pick up a few things here and there. D'aww movie eevee with the bandana is soo cute!
Same with eeveelutions.
I love the canvas plush, I feel so bad as I've kinda been neglecting them for so long ... so I've decided that when I finally have money again that I'm going to focus on finally completing the set.

Like everyone else I picked up the zukan, I really like it - there are a few flaws but hey I can live with that :)
Next up is my beloved canvas shelf!
As I mentioned before I have kinda been negleting my poor canvas' (why is there so much flareon/sylveon stuff xD)
Think the newest addition here is my 2006 pikachu?

I love this set of plush and can't wait to get more (if they stop throwing eeveelution merch in our faces!)

Okay top shelf
Mostly this is just side collection shelf, I really need to sort things out but Im waiting on getting a new storage thing.
So hopefully when I update next everything will be sorted out and looking great :D!

So heres the complete bookcase
Yes I have pink fairy lights round it all :3 soo bright 0.0
I have kept the bottom shelf empty for X and Y merch ...

Opps forgot about these ...

So my window had an old nail so I decided to hang my legendary birds from it
And I couldn't decide where to put my clear files so I hung them on the wall (seriously how else can you display them?)
and last but not least; in fact its actually probably one of my favourite things. My eeveelution blanket! Again I have no idea how to display it so right now its on top of my dogs cages!

Amelie (chihuahua on the left) : Is she done taking photos yet? I'm sleepy :z

Tequila : I think that she has finished now ... oh no wait now shes back on the internet :(

Both : Come on mummy we are sleepy now!

Opps better hurry up xD

Question time out of the generation 6 pokemon that have been released which; if any, do you plan on collecting?

Asides from Sylveon I personally love fennekin and the evolved form so I'm going to collect them
Also I'm in love with furfrou and swirlix sio going to collect them as well
Noivern and Pyroar are nice as well but think I will keep them as side collections

FInally I am kind of on a break from collecting right now , not because I want to but because I need to.
My chihuahua Tequila (the one on the right on my bed) is pregannt and is due in 2 weeks so every bit of money I have will be going towards her and the babies :3

I will stalking the page as usual and may pick up a few things here and there with the release of X and Y but asides from that I really won't be buying anything till around Christmas when the pups have left me :)

Anyway I am away to (try) and get some sleep now,  I hope you enjoyed my little update :')

Tags: canvas, collection, figures, flareon, plush, sylveon
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