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Booties Tomys

Hello Everyone :)
Just thought I would make a post about some Tomy Booties. Back in the day they were pretty Obvious to spot, but now they are getting much more difficult, due to being very close to the real deal. over the years I have been a victim to bootleg Tomys and more other murch but mainly Tomy bootlegs. I would like to share some experience I have in spotting booties with some of you out there.

As you Can see, these are the much more Obious Booties that even the inexperienced can Identify. Check out the 3 Blastoise we have here, The one on the far left is the Authentic one, The one in the middle is a bootleg, and the one on the far right is a bootleg of a bootleg LOL . First thing to look for is Of course Color. Tomys will Generally not leave ,claws,Bellies, Hands,legs,Back mouths Etc Uncolored! you can see how horrible the paint job is on the bootie in the middle, how the claws and feet lack paint, as well as the bottom of the mouth. Notice the inside were the canons come out is missing the black in the shell, and how it is just white. also if you look at the eyes the bootleg in the middle are sloppy and they seem like just a small dab of black paint for the pupils. The figure on the far right is even worse not even the white around the shell is painted. The funnies part they were marked tomy audly to make ppl to think they were the audly Japanese released, very sad, very pathetic

Here is another Example of Color in identifying tomys. the Two Nidokings you see, Notice how the one on the right is lacking white paint on his gantlet looking arms were there is a spike that sticks out of the his arms, also not that the bootie dose not have as much paint on his finger claws as the authentic Tomy has. Also take a close look at Both of the Nidoking's feet, Notice how the one on the right, on his left leg the white paint comes up a little past his toe? Tomys rarely ever make this mistake as you can see the one on the left has his feet painted with out going beyond the toe or without painting only parts of the toe, as seen on the bootie's right foot were only part of the middle is painted. Also Look closly at both Nidoking's ears you can also see how the one on the right uses a ugly high lither green color that is very well off.

Now a look at a Tomy that is a little bit less obvious to identify, gyarados... Look closely at his the mouths of the Gyarados...see anything wrong yet? Yep that's right the one on the Right has black teeth lol, sloppy paint job that when they were painting the mouth lining they didn't bother to paint the teeth a separate color. also you can notice the whiskers and crown are much darker then the authentic as well as the yellows being very dark, this bootleg can easily be mistaken as a variant, but the main flaw is the teeth as well as other details that I wont get into yet as I am just focusing on color for now but will get into it as we go along

Now For Vaporeon. The authentic tomy Vaporeon is somewhat of an exception as he dose not have color on the back of his mane. but take a look. Notice the one on the right Lacks color inside his ears and top Fin? the authentic has the ears and top fin colored yellow accurate to the anime. Also look closely at the noses as you can see the authentic on the left has a nice neat triangle nose vs the bootie on the right looks like he had his nose just blotched with a permanent marker, making a small dot for his nose. Also this maybe hard to see but the authentic Vaporeon if you look closely he has more details, some white airbrush shading towards his front and hid legs as well as his tail. this was seen on many of the older tomys but not all had this.

This Vaporeon is also a good example of another flaw that is common in bootlegs which I will also go into. Tomys will never, ever be sloppy with there seams! seams are normal to see, it is were the two pices of the mold meet when they inject the plastic. But not like this!!! Take a look at the Bootie on the left. Look how Horrid/sickening and Terrible the seam is!!
Notice how Excess plastic is sticking out. This is usually due to the two pices of the mold not closing properly, or the mold itself is sloply made were it is unable to close right. Or maybe because they injected to much plastic and it seeped through. you will never find that flaw in an authentic tomy. Notice the Authentic Tomy has a nice seem with not excess plastic sticking out, it is very smooth, and dose not hinder the figure from standing.
Now for Tourus!!! yay!

still into seems but to get side tract for a lil bit, as my first pointer, when you look at the Tourus you can see how the colors are off on the figure to the right, he has this dark ugly blackish brown color, the hooves and the tail are the same color. When comparing to the authentic, the authentic has a very beautiful smooth brown mane, very nice contrasting blue hooves and blue tail which these vibrant colors make him look like he poped out of the anime and onto the palm of your hand ready to go into your pocket, as he is a pocket monster! Now back to the seams..
Tourus In compare


Take a look at the bootie by him self, apart from not being fully painted at the bottom of his mane and mouth which is another flaw. you can see that he has an ugly seem sticking out from the mouth, this makes him look like he ether has a brown tonge sticking out or that the forgot to color his bottom lip

take a look at the authentic, nice smooth seem, properly painted mane and top mouth, makes you appreciate the accuracy of a tomy figure don't it?
Authentic Tourus

Now for Kadabra! Apart from the Bootie on the right, looking like he was painted by a elementary student in kindergarden. this will be another Category of flaw I will go into. but for now look at the pic and admire the hideousness of the bootie compared the the flawless Good ol Tomy on the right, neat shading, crisp colors etc. well anyways now to my next Flaw...Lettering!

Tomys are always Known for making there lettering pressed very deep!(also on rare accasions they haved raised lettering such as the pokeball snatched variants, for example Evee,Golduck,Pinsir,Kabuto and a few others, which have both pressed and raised lettering) But majority of old and new will be pressed rather then raised. Tomys will never put the same words on different places on a single figure as you will see. this Kadabra is a very good example.

Both Back View

Take a close look at both Pics of this bootie. Notice How on the first pic he has raised lettering on the back but not only that, take a look at the second pic! notice he has the similar lettering on his tale pressed. The two problems with this is he is marked twice with similar lettering He has on his back "made in China Tomy Nintendo .C.G.T.S.J" on his tale he has the three Japanese symbls and "Tomy Made in China" The problem here is that he is Marked "Tomy" and made in china twice! you will never see a tomy have the same letters marked twice on a figure. Also the major flaw is the deepness on the lettering on the tale, see how it is not deep at all
Bootie Back View lettering on Back
Bootie Lettering On tale and on Back!

Now take a look at the authentic! see how he is marked on one spot with deep crisp lettering.a signature to Tomys figures!

TO be Continued!! I am not done just yet but just remember these factors
2.seems/inaccurate lining sticking out
3. Crisp Deep lettering, never having same lettering on different spots of figure

Unfortunately I am having a bit of trouble with loading more pics. So I will continue tomorrow as I have plenty of more examples of bootlegs that look authentic such as my Ryhorn, Grimer which I will post about tomorrow, which I need to take more pics of a few I would also point out. even with my knowledge of booties there are some out there that are close to the real deal, which even I cant identify which I will go into. but when I continue my post about booties I will have many other good examples to better help people on how to spot botties :) even the ones close to the real deal but for now I hope you enjoy part 1 of my How to Identify booties
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