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First sales post! :)

Hi again! I've gotten permission to sell here, so here goes. :3 Please bear with me, I'm still working out the kinks on this thing. XD


Pricing and Payment:
All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees. I'm okay with trading and haggling! I'm mostly interested in the Flygon, Kirlia, Sneasel, and Eevee lines, though I also like Skarmory, Girafarig, Stantler, Sentret, Groudon, Celebi, and Skymin. :3 I do NOT accept trades for cards. I stay away from the TCG. o.o
Paypal is preferred: To kiohl9 at gmail-dot-com, and please put your LJ name and what you bought from me in the notes. :)
I will also take personal checks, money orders, and well-concealed cash. I will ship packages out once I receive payment. :)

Holds are okay! Please don't try to hold over 2 or 3 items though, and please don't hold them for like... a week without getting back to me. >.<

Items will be coming from CA, USA. Flat (and flat-ish) items will be shipped in a bubble envelope. Figures, like Trading Figures and zukan, will be shipped in a box with bubble wrap or other padding. I ship via the cheapest option available (USPS First Class Mail, or First Class International), which usually takes about a week or so. If you want something faster, or if you want insurance, let me know. :3

My (currently empty) feedback thread is here. :3

Jakks figures (limbs are moveable, and incl. corresponding sticker [not shown])

Palkia $5, Golem $4

Pokémon Battle Figures (a.k.a. chess pieces, incl. health counters)
I just wanted to say, these are really awesome looking, and if any of them don't actually sell, I won't be too heartbroken. :3 They're awesome display pieces.

(Groudon not available), Loudred $5, Treecko $5, Jirachi $6, Kyogre $6
Mudkip $5 (held for badgerr_ftw)

Rayquaza $6, Torchic $5, Pikachu $5, Skitty $5, (Kirlia not available)
Manectric $5 (held for icy_bouquet)

Thanks for looking! <3
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