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Pokemon Rescue: Heartland Lucario

Pokemon Rescue Officer eevie_chu found this Heartland Lucario being sold on the street. He was a long way from his home, and had sustained long-term neglect from his previous owner. He was missing an aura sensor dreadlock, was pretty dirty, and had several areas of light damage. Without the work of eevie_chu, this lucario would have faced a very different future. She prepared him for his long trip to his new home, despite moving home herself, and he arrived safely in the UK for repair and homing.


A small team of Pokemon rehabilitation experts greeted him on arrival.

After inspection we realised that Lucario was not only missing a dreadlock...

He also needed an entirely new mask. His own had been eaten away by moths and looked like swiss cheese when held up to the light. It also was torn away at the eyes, and due to many  tiny holes, splits and tears, it just made more sense to replace his mask.
Some of the damage.

His head was basically taken apart, and I copied down the pattern onto some fabric that fellow Pkmncollectors member growly kindly sent.
I only had one shot at doing it, so it was pretty hair raising surgery. His eyes were put back in place and he looks no worse for the experience.

Lucario also needed some work on his feet, as his ankle was burst open and his toe threads were broken. Both areas were pretty complicated to repair as the fabric involved was extremely fragile. One of our senior Pokemon Centre Staff was luckily on the scene to aid his recovery.

Lucario under the effect of anesthetic:

For a full checklist of what had to be repaired, you can have a look >> HERE << (Warning: Images of Pokemon neglect)


Previous success story: >> Charmander <<

How can you help with Pokemon near you? Consider joining your local Pokemon Rescue Group or volunteering at a local Pokemon Centre. Report cases of Pokemon neglect to your local Rescue.
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