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Collection update + Review of ENTIRE Halloween promotion!

So... I was one of those crazy people who took up denkimouse's full promotion pickup offer. :D;;;  Specifically, the Gothic Pattern/Haunted Night/Halloween that was released recently!  I've seen a lot of people ask questions about the Halloween stuff, so I decided to make this post in an attempt to answer some questions (and show off my loot, of course).  Then I figured that since I was already taking/resizing/uploading a million pictures, I might as well go ahead and do a collection post.

Be warned that this post is EXTREMELY image heavy (over 50 photos)!

My most recent zukan acquisitions were the Horsea line, Abra line, and the newest Mewtwo.

That brings me up to a total of 52 zukans!  The last three non-5th/non-6th gen zukans that I am after are the Torchic line, Trapinch line, and Lapras.

Cyndaquil is one of my main collections!  Recent-ish gets include the Pokemon With You badge, the weird circular keychain thing next to the badge, and the 2009 "laying" plush.

Haunter is my favorite Pokemon, but he doesn't show up on official merchandise nearly as much as his evolved form.  However, I recently got the 2013 Worlds binder that features Haunter in its artwork, a Haunter pan sticker, and a Haunter metal swing keychain.

I do also like Gastly and Gengar, just not as much as Haunter. : p  I won a Gastly and a Gengar 151 badge in a GA, a Gastly Tomy figure in another GA, and the Haunter and Chandelure custom charms were bought at Otakon this past summer.  The cute little Gengar with Santa hat sticker was from when I bought a buttload of stickers from hebilea.

The Gastly line isn't involved, but I commissioned zenity for two ghost Pokemon paintings over the summer.  I love how she always manages to perfectly capture my descriptions.  It's an ongoing project, and I hope to have a 3x3 grid of her mini paintings someday (yes, my icon is one of the paintings!). :D

I also collect Slowpoke and Slowking.  They started off as a side collection, but I think they're slowly turning into a main collection.  The Slowpoke/Drifloon/Drifblim sculpture was a commission piece by foureyedalien.  All she had for reference was a crappy sketch that I drew really quick for her... and she made it beautiful.  <3  I also got some Slowpoke stickers (also from hebilea's sales) and a cute spoon with Slowking on it from poliwhirl.

I also got my HOLY GRAIL fairly recently: the Slowpoke/Delibird charm from the Christmas 2009 promotion!  It's not nearly as old as my previous grail (1/1 Cyndaquil plush), and yet I've seen the 1/1 Cyndaquil plush show up much more frequently on the community and ebay than this charm.  The charm first showed up on Sunyshore during the Christmas 2009 promotion, but I didn't buy it then because I was short on funds and wasn't fully devoted to collecting Slowpoke.  A while later, after I made up my mind on collecting Slowpoke, I saw it on Pokevault (then known as "Hardrock Pokemon"), but its price had gone up significantly and I was once again lacking the money for it.  I didn't see it again for years and really regretted not buying it when it first came out.  I mentioned it in every wants post I made to the community, but it never showed up.  Finally, last month, garefowl came back from hiatus to sell some of their collection and I had a "OMG STOP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING AND DROP EVERYTHING BECAUSE IT'S GRAIL TIME" moment because they had the charm as part of their Delibird collection!  They accepted my offer on the charm and the rest is history. :D  (And yes, I did shed a few tears when it arrived in the mail.)

And the last set of photos before I move onto the Halloween stuff... clearfiles and Pokemon Time!

And now... THE GOTHIC PATTERN/HAUNTED NIGHT PROMOTION.  I have included a Litwick pokedoll in most of my photos so you guys have a size reference. :)

We'll start off with the lamp.  The lamp is somewhat smaller than I expected, but I suppose alleviates some of the shipping cost and makes it easier to display.  The lampshade is made of your usual canvas-like lampshade material and the base is made of a clear dark gray plastic.  Despite being made of plastic, I think the base still looks pretty nice.  There is also a small Joltik charm that dangles from the shade, which is a nice touch.  It takes a single 40 W bulb (which I unfortunately do not have at the moment, so no pictures of the lamp lit up).  The plug fits into American sockets, but the lamp itself has an intake of 100 V (which is the standard in Japan) while US sockets have an output of 120 V.  I've done a bit of research and asking around, and the general consensus is that the lamp should be ok to use in the US without a voltage converter because it does not generate a lot of heat.  (A hair dryer or iron, on the other hand, would certainly require a converter.)  However, you might still want to be on the safe side and either get a converter or avoid leaving the lamp on for too long.

Next up are the tote bag and shoulder bag.  I think these two bags were made more for durability than aesthetics, with my main complaint being that both are entirely black (the stitches are purple, though), which makes the gothic pattern hard to see.  Both are multi-layered (i.e., more than one layer of fabric) and the tote bag is reversible (one side is all black, the other side is gray with the gothic pattern all over).  The shoulder bag is small and ideal for those who don't like to leave the house with everything and the kitchen sink.  I can fit my 3DS (regular size, not XL) and my phone (a Droid X) into the shoulder bag.  You could also easily fit some cash and credit cards/passes in as well, but probably not a whole wallet.  I think I will keep the tote bag, but am considering selling the shoulder bag whenever I make a sales post.

Towels, tablecloth, and handkerchief.  The face towel is square-shaped and pretty standard sized for a face towel.  The hand towel is quite long.  (If you flip them over, you get reversed colors, which looks pretty cool.)  The tablecloth is made of... normal tablecloth material?  It feels like a heavier canvas-like cloth.  It's square-shaped, 125 cm long on each side.  The handkerchief is probably a good item to get if you really like the Haunted Night illustration and want something that's relatively easy to display.

The teacup+saucer and silverware sets are among my favorite items from this promotion.  The teacup+saucer box was designed very well, imo.  It has little inserts/flaps that prevents the teacup from sliding around while in transit.  (I actually got two teacup+saucer sets and both of them arrived without any damage.)  I haven't tried out the silverware yet, but it seems heavy, durable, and well-made.

Flats galore!  There are two different clearfile designs: one with the Haunted Night illustration and one with the gothic pattern.  The gold lacquer seal is the gothic pattern (mostly black with some silver accents).  The "A5 seal" was probably the most mysterious item to me (I thought it was literally a seal like the gold lacquer one that was A5-sized... which would have been a HUGE seal), and it ended up being a sticker sheet that's A5-sized.  The stickers are nice and glittery!  The bookcovers were also a mystery to me, but kitzune explained to me that the Japanese like to cover their manga books.  The bookcovers are made of... heavier paper?  Kind of like card stock.  They come in a set of three.

Stationery-ish items are next, which means the notebook, notepads, pen, and bookmark!  The notebook is hardcovered, has lined paper, and also has a pretty nice "title page"/inside cover.  The notepads are pretty small and the sheets of paper have perforated edges at the top for easier tearing out.  One has Pikachu+Cubone on the inside, the other has Joltik/the gothic pattern.  The pen is kind of a letdown for its brand (Dr. Grip) and its price.  It will probably be sent to my next sales post.  I haven't taken the bookmark out of its packaging, but it looks like it's made of a light plastic.  It also has a dark purple ribbon attached.  Not a bad item, but also not really my thing (I prefer using tabs or folding page corners) so it will probably join the pen and the shoulder pouch.

My other favorite items from this promotion are the stained glass charms and the accessory stand.  I think it's safe to say that the "glass" part of the charms are actually plastic instead of glass.  If you're on a budget and want just one thing from this promotion, I would definitely recommend the charms.  The charms are really pretty and it would be neat to see more charms like this in the future!  The accessory stand is a bit smaller than I expected, but I still love it.  It's made of metal with a matte black paint coating.  I will definitely be using it as a Halloween decoration this year. :3

Last but not least....... everything else, which includes the iPhone case, the cushion, the drawstring bag, the keychain, and the shirt.  I didn't take the iPhone case out of its packaging, so I can't really say how sturdy it feels, but I can tell you that it looks really nice.  The case is pearly white with a holographic look to it.  As stated on the Pokemon Center website, this case is meant to be used for the iPhone 5.  (EDIT: kitzune and korth have confirmed that it works for the 5S, but not for the 5C! Don't ask me if it works for the 5S or previous models because I don't know!)  This will definitely be going into my next sales post as I'm an Android user and don't plan on getting an iPhone anytime soon. : p  The cushion is very plump and... I'm not sure how to describe its material.  It's sort of fuzzy (making the gothic pattern kind of "blurry") and a bit on the scratchy side (almost wool-like, I guess), and I wish they had used a softer material.  Good for displaying, probably not so good for using as a pillow.  The drawstring bag is self-explanatory, though it is bigger than I thought it would be.  The keychain feels heavy and durable (it will probably go on one of my bags/purses) and is a dark gunmetal color.  And finally, the long sleeve shirt.  Hahahaha, oh gosh, this shirt. XD;;; Um... so when I was placing my order with Gin, I wasn't sure if I should get a small or a medium because I've heard many times that Japanese sizes run small.  I ended up getting a small... and it is HUGE on me (you can see how much extra material there is in the last photo).  I am a small and flat-chested Asian female who always gets XS from American clothing stores, so I honestly was not expecting a Japanese small to be this big.  (But who knows, maybe it's intended to be a night shirt?)  If you wear an American S, then this shirt (again, I got it in S) would probably be somewhat loose on you.  If you wear an American M, then this shirt would probably fit just about right.  That being said, since it doesn't fit me, it will be going into my next sales post.

Thank you for reading!  I hope this post was both enjoyable and informative! :D  If you still have questions about the Halloween stuff, I will do my best to answer them!
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