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Who's that Pikachu?!

Hello again!! Eee you were all so helpful with my Umbreon Pokédoll, I was hoping you could help me identify another old friend!

Pikachu was plucked from a house that was to be demolished by a friend of the family for me... Wow. 1997? 1998? I was very, very young, and I have had him all my life!

Originally he was stuffed with foam, and it got e v e r y w h e r e. So a year ago, just before we moved out, I unstuffed him and gave him a good wash in the washing machine (he needed it, wow). I just found him in the back of my drawer and (feeling extremely guilty that I forgot the poor guy), stuffed, cleaned, lint rolled, brushed then lint rolled him again. He's happy now.

What I actually think he is is a bootleg (but did bootlegs exist back then? Replica? Copy?) of the 1:1 Tomy Pikachu. I make plushes, so it's like a natural ailment ability that I pick out and look at the pattern of every plush I see, and the pattern between these two is almost identical. Does anyone else own one of these? I don't remember him ever having tags, so I certainly don't remember any maker's name. Edit: ALSO I have taken a good look at the inside of him and he's made by a machine, not an artist for sure.

If anyone has one or just knows who he's by that'd be awesome! I am curious as to my old friends roots. c8

ALSO while we're here, I am looking for the Slowpoke line zukan. I am willing to pay with organs at this point.
Tags: pikachu
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