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Hello, all! :) After my intro over a month ago, I come to you with my first wants post. Please note, I have seen some of these items available on other sites (eBay, animeraro, etc.), but I prefer to buy from the community because I'm not sure of legitimacy sometimes (ebay), or else because of price or shipping costs. I also don't use Y!J, and since I just consider myself a casual collector, I don't really want to spend the time working that out; I've had great luck on the comm with most of my wants, and I'm not in a particular hurry for these items.

I'm in Canada, so I prefer to buy multiple things from the same person if it's coming from a country with high shipping costs, but please don't let that stop you from offering!

High Wants:
Golem kid (older version with this pose:)

Pidgeot kid (attack)

Gyarados kid (attack or normal, but not DX. So, the ones on the left.)

Abra TFG figure

Lucario pencil topper

Oshawott clipping figure

Ash's Hat Pikachu figure (ippai)

Swoobat MPC

Dialga clipping figure (this one in particular, because I have the other)

Lower priority:
Hitmontop tomy (or possibly zukan piece. Preferably with Tyrogue piece in that case.)
Barry Pokemon league poster (or other Barry items)
Sky Shaymin European ball launcher figure
Meloetta tomys (both formes), preferably with their spinning bases, clear or normal
Three Muskedeers + Keldeo tomys, preferably with their spinning bases
Jakks Mew
Holo Lugia ultimate sticker
Mightyena kid (regular colour or glittery)
Houndoom kid (standing version)
Togekiss plush (UFO or possibly Jakks)
Pokémon Conquest postcards

Please let me know if you have any of these for sale, and what your price is. Thanks for reading~
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