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Lunch with missy and loudy the gatr

I went to weigh in today (dropped almost 3 lb ^___^ ) and then to lunch with miss10. We went to a place called Flanigans, and took one certain feraligatr I recently got from aarux

Here are some pics

Loudy: This palm is so cozy... ewww cigarette butt >__<

Loudy: Mmmmmm!! Half rack of delicious ribs <3
Me: Wow!! you took good care of those. Hungry for something else?
Loudy: yep
Me:.... -_-


This is loudy, my hasbro talking feraligatr. I got him from aarux last week. Works like a charm, and its in impressive condition (except for the missing back fin) and also smells really nice ^__^

Thanks so much. I love him as much as I thought I would!! he now lives in my bookbag... He creaks a lot, so he's protected while in the bookbag, but he gets tons of love already =D

And to finish, Skyline now has its own website, if you want to check it out ^_^
(Sales permit granted in July 2011 by former mod dakajojo )

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