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FromJapan gets + Weird Torchic Item up for offers

Hey guys! I come today with super happy news!
I stayed home from school today due to being sick (I blame the grimy children at school) and when I woke up I came downstairs to find a box from Japan. I wasn't expecting it so I FLIPPED OUT!
Also purchased the Giratina/Shaymin movie ;~; so flippin sad and cute and OMG I loved it!

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)
Big I <3 Marine Piplup! THIS THING IS SO DARN SOFT!!!! Super amazing

photo 3
Misc flats and Torchic thing (all I gather from the package is that it is a wrist band). I'll probably only wind up keeping Piplup and Turtwig keychains

photo 4
I guess I don't need to buy an xmas tree this year XD. Also pictured are piplup coin purse and Air gurumi plush (It feels really weird, it has like a blow-up ball inside to act and stuffing....very unique)

photo 5
Finally we have a big 'ol shiny Prinplup plush SUPER ADORBS

photo 1 (3)
All the stuffs

photo 1
ALL MY PIPLUP PlUSHIES!!!!! Shinx what are you doing?

photo 2
All of my figures and misc thingies

Time for the Torchic offers!

-Was granted feedback on June 2, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from the US and am willing to ship worldwide
-Paypal ONLY
-Payment expected within 48 hours of end of offers (you will be sent a message saying that you won)
-Offers will be open until 24 hours go by without an offer


photo 2 (3)
Front. As you can see it is all MINT in the package I have never seen this before...but I'm not a Torchic

photo 3 (2)
A picture of the back....I don't really know much Japanese so I can't tell you what it says

I would like to end with a couple questions

1: Does anyone know if Target will be carrying the XY TOMY figures? I really want to avoid TRU at all costs. I just need that Chespin

2: Is anyone else counting down the days until the XY release? Are you doing anything special?

Thanks guys. Have a wonderful week!! Only 18 more days until XY here!
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