eledora (eledora) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick reminder for rare Tomy figures auction owo/

Just a quick reminder for my (sorta) rare Tomy figure auction ending within a day /owo/

(Okay the last two aren't Tomys, but at least still rare xD)

Auction ends at Wednesday/25th of September at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time! It's around Wednesday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Most items are still around their starting prices, so come and bid on them if you'd like them home <3

And as always, if you're bidding on the items, feel free to combine with stuff from my sales too ;)

Tags: auction, electrode, larvitar, poliwag, sales, sneasel, steelix, suicune, tyranitar, voltorb
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