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Retsuden ink stampers quick sale

Today I bring you guys some rare Retsuden ink stampers. The prints will look exactly the same as the Pokemon on the stampers. They are sold either in singles or in a box. In addition, they have never been sold in Pokemon stores. Since some of the stampers are sold in singles, they are really hard to find.
All mint with ink. Ready to stamp. $6 each for serperior and infernape. Taking offer on Breloom, starting from $6
Used and very little ink available. Need ink pads to work properly. $3 each
Used and very little ink available. Need ink pads to work properly. $3 each

General Information:
- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here:
- Paypal only. My email address is: weizhentian (AT)
- I am a slow shipper and always mail on Saturday.
- I ship from State College, Pennsylvania, United States to worldwide.
- Your package will be bubble-wrapped and usually mailed out using bubble-padded mailer.
- Shipping, including materials, will starts from $2.5 for U.S. buyers and $7 for international buyers.
Tags: breloom, golduck, infernape, minun, offers, pikachu, plusle, regirock, sales, serperior, stamps
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