yardsalecouch (yardsalecouch) wrote in pkmncollectors,


hey,everyone! i'm new to this community so i wanted to post a little intro about myself :]

i joined lj to find pokemon treasures to add to my growing collection. I mainly collect figures of my fave pokes and i'm just starting to break into collecting pokemon plushes!

most of my collection right now is in texas (living in michigan right now) so this is what i've been able to obtain since moving away.
kinda small, but i still adore them!

mib xatu tomy figure,hoppip tomy,bulbasaur tomy,dodrio tomy,and a gastly tomy(not pictured)

my first kid figures obtained! singing altaria and wailord (found 'em in a thrift store for .50 a piece)

and my newest addition

sylveon kid figure! (removed from its box but still in bag)

my collection centerpiece is my I ❤ Eevee Vaporeon, given to me by my gf for our 1 year anniversary UuU<3

you can also find my Wish List here if you want to help me expand my collection :]

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